Our payment procedure

Our payments are done every two weeks, 1st – 5th and 15th – 19th every month. We have a company that processes payments on our behalf and if the payment period falls on a weekend (Sunday), the payment is processed the Monday of the following week.

The money is released only if your balance is more than $50. However, in cases where one decides to stop freelancing for, the unpaid balance is released to the writer.

Listed below are our payment options:

Bank Transfer:  This is powered by Equity bank. Here you receive your salary straight to your bank account in your local money. It has one-time setup bank details with no upkeep fees.  Ensure you give your correct bank details. The company is not liable for payment going to the wrong account details provided by the writer.

PayPal: Has standard PayPal fees. In instances, your salary exceeding $ 1,000, the amount is transferred in multiple installments.

If your account has less than $50, the balance is pushed forward to the following month’s statement.

Payment options should be given at least four days before the payment period. If you are late in submitting your payment information, you will get paid during the following payment period.

To change the payment info, passing a verification procedure is mandatory and provision of official document for security purposes.

In cases where your account is terminated, you are not permitted to alter the payment specifics that were submitted previously.


In instances where the writer violates our terms and conditions which results to client refunds and loss of business on the company side, your payment is withheld for a period of 30 days and only then can you request your payment. Your account will be permanently closed.