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Our special services

Writing from Scratch

The writers complete the entire paper from the very beginning. They do their own research, analysis, description or any other work that is required according to the instructions provided.

PowerPoint Presentation

Writers put the main information according to the requirements provided on the slides. The tables/graphs/pictures/any other visual elements should be present on the slides. Only 20% of the info on the slides can be revealed in the text form (up to 50 words per slide). The explanations to the bulleted info/tables/graphs/pictures/any other visual elements should be included in the presenter notes/speaker notes below the slides (up to 100 words).


You should express the same idea but in other words, which means change structure, organization, and wording. Always cite information that has been paraphrased. Therefore, it is crucially important to follow the guidelines of in-text citations formatting while explaining someone’s ideas presented in researches, articles, and other types of research works.

Our benefits:

  • No registration fees and a free lifetime membership
  • Competitive salary
    Wide variety of interesting projects and assignments
  • Enough room for personal growth
  • The right to manage the workload on your own
  • Writer Support Team available 24/7
  • Simple application process that is both quick and transparent


Writers proofread the work and change the content (up to 30% of it). Changes to the content include adding the necessary information to the paper and deleting the irrelevant details.


Business is the activity of making one living making money by producing products.Simply put it is any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

Online Assignments

The writers complete online assignments such as multiple choice questions, open-response questions. In case the instructions state that the online assignment is a quizz or it has a limited time frame for completion, the writer must inform the Support Representative about the situation immediately. After that, the case will be checked by the Support Team, and the final decision on it will be presented to the writer.

Our Guarantees

We ensure reliable protection from fraud and unfair behavior from customers. You can just focus on writing and we will make sure that your work is rewarded. We are always looking for those interested in freelance writing. If you are a good writer, we can provide you with writing jobs of varying complexities to choose from (both academic and non-academic).

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We are the worldwide platform of professionals, which is available for all the freelance academic writers. Our goal is to provide them with more opportunities to stay creative and earn money.


I get to broaden my knowledge on my favorite subject and earn money in the process. If that's not a win-win, I don't know what is.

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Writing is an acquired skill. It has to be nurtured and improved with time. Please take your time to learn how to correctly approach different writing scenarios.

A truly flexible work schedule. You can choose the preferred number of working hours per week and take the orders you’d like to work on to deliver superb quality

Follow 4 simple steps to join us:

  1. Fill out the application form
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  3. Write a short prompt and upload an essay sample
  4. Upload a scan of your higher education certificate